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KKG is regularly sought after for representation, counsel, wisdom and advice in disputes of all sorts. The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in both state and federal courts, and in alternative dispute forums (arbitration and mediation). KKG counsel have been retained to appear in various jurisdictions across the country. KKG litigators have a breadth of experience handling disputes largely in real estate and lease enforcement, business litigation, creditor’s rights, and probate litigation.

Arbitration and Mediation

KKG understands the value in resolving matters amicably through mediation and dedicate just as much effort in a pre-suit mediation as would be expected in formal litigation. Giving a serious, good-faith effort to resolving differences before incurring the cost and time of litigating can prove very beneficial to clients. KKG is also well versed and experienced in the circumstances of arbitration, which is type of binding alternative dispute resolution involving an arbitrator or arbitrators that ultimately decide the dispute. KKG regularly engages in arbitration when mandated or available by the applicable contract or agreement in dispute.