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Corporate & Business Transactions – Contracts

Reducing an understanding to writing forces both the lawyer and client to think through what the parties to the agreement expect and what each party’s rights and responsibilities will be under various situations or if disputes arise. In reviewing the contracts of others, part of our daily assistance to clients includes wading through detailed and confusing text, recognizing the latent dangers contained in innocent-sounding clauses and knowing when to recommend alternative language. The familiarity with contracts gained by drafting, reviewing and negotiating thousands of agreements enables KKG lawyers to provide information and wisdom that goes far beyond the experiences of any single client.

KKG helps clients throughout the life-cycle of their business: the formation of a business, the termination of a business and all events and transactions in between. We assist clients with agreements involving lenders, joint venturers, suppliers and customers in every field of work in which our clients are engaged. Moreover, both individuals and businesses hire KKG to help them to create and terminate employment and independent contractor relationships. We regularly draft confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements for both those working inside and outside our clients' businesses. We also help our clients negotiate contracts concerning the acquisition and disposition of major assets, the use of software and the leasing of equipment and real estate.

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